About Betty 

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Storyteller, Betty Hersberger, has over 30 years of experience telling family tales, historical tales, folktales and folklore from around the world, stories that appeal to audiences from toddlers to seniors.  Her repertoire includes tales of clever maids and wise crones, lazy boys and courageous lads.  And her listeners might hear a song and a poem or two. 




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Betty has researched and interpreted the writings by and about Nellie McClung (1873-1951), performing solo and collaboratively in the persona of this valiant Canadian.  Her performances include the fight for women’s suffrage on the prairies,  the challenges of being a successful woman in a man’s world, and the fun of being Nellie (Mooney) McClung.  Also performing as Henrietta Muir Edwards, one of The Famous Five, Betty joins storytellers Doreen Vanderstoop, Mary Hays, Karen Gummo and Donna Barnfield to tell the story of  The Persons Case in the personae of the five Alberta women known as The Famous Five. 

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Photo by Maxwell Mawji 

Betty’s family story, “The Gift of Story,” appears in Lisa Hurst-Archer’s collection Under the Wide Blue Sky. 


A recording of her telling of this story was aired on the CBC Radio program Daybreak Alberta.


A recording of her telling of “The Boy who went to the North Wind” was aired on CJSW radio.


She is a member of SC'CC: Storytellers of Canada/ Conteur du Canada and Storytelling Alberta (formerly TALES):

The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling.


Betty takes audiences of all ages on journeys that teach, entertain, frighten and delight.  And she just might tell you what happened once upon a time....