Historical Storytelling

How Prairie Women got the Vote

Invite Nellie McClung to tell you just how few rights women had and what she and others did about that!


The Persons Case

Nellie McClung tells the story of the fight for women to be legally recognized as persons in Canada.


Wise and Wilful Women (with Mary Hays and Karen Gummo)

Three women, historical characters who lived in early Calgary, meet for tea and discuss their causes and contributions: Nellie McClung, Mary Scot Widner and Belle Lougheed.


Purse Snatchers and Politicians (with Mary Hays)

Listen to Nellie McClung and Jean McWilliams tell of how they respectively sat across the desks from politicians Rodmond Roblin and W.B. Bennett and let each man know that a new day was coming.


Tales and Tunes: Early Canadians on the Railway

(with Doreen Vanderstoop)

Join Betty and Doreen as they tell stories inspired by the people who built and rode the railways of early Canada. Join in a singalong of railway songs.

The Valiant Five

(with Barnfield, Gummo, Hays and Vanderstoop)

Join Henrietta Muir Edwards, Nellie McClung, Irene Parlby, Louise McKinney and Emily Murphy at a Pink Tea in celebration of The Persons Case, which resulted in women being recognized as persons in Canada.