Folktales and Folklore

Spinsters, Gossips and Old Wives

Learn of the origin of these words (spinster, gossip, wife), of the work these women did, and of the stories that celebrate them.


Washday Blues (with Mary Hays)

Eavesdrop on Betty and Mary as they do the laundry and amuse themselves with stories of household chores from all five continents.


Home, Sweet Home (with Doreen Vanderstoop)

Be it ever so humble?  Betty and Doreen tell family tales and folktales about home: leaving home, longing for home and finding home again. Join in a singalong of songs about home.


What’s for Supper? (with Mary Hays)

Kids are always hungry for food – and for stories!  Betty and Mary have stories, songs and rhymes (about food) to leave them satisfied.  (ages 6 to 10)


Over the Hills and Far Away (with Mary Hays)

Travel with Mary and Betty over the hills and far away with stories, puppets, fingerplays and songs. (preschool)