Upcoming Events 




Betty will join storytellers Mary Hays and Doreen Vanderstoop for a program of railway stories, part of The Great Railway Adventure sponsored by the

Didsbury and District Historical Society, on Sept 26, 2020. 11:00 - 5:00 pm

Mary tells a story of Love and Tragedy – Cupid strikes at the 5th siding, Didsbury

Doreen gives her telling of Ghost Train by Paul Yee – The plight of Chinese rail workers who helped build Canada’s trans-continental railway.

Betty tells of the adventures of a young Nellie McClung, stuck in a caboose,

in a prairie blizzard, on Christmas Day.


Mountain View Railroad Club will be providing the history of the settlers coming west and the role of the railway played. There will be demo classes. Opening of the garden train will occur that day as well. Antique tractors will be on the grounds. Old time music will be provided. There will be a movie night to complete the day.


Event location: Didsbury and District Museum, 2110 21 Ave, Didsbury, AB